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Qualitech ECC

QECC provides a one-stop solution for town planning, design and development, and Construction services.
QECC is related to obtaining planning permission approvals for the site buildings, such as special, group, multistory, Institutional, industrial development, etc., and layout in Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, Directorate of Town and Country Planning in Tamil Nadu, and Pondicherry Planning Authority limits. We cater to the specific needs of developers, landholders, architects/consultants, MNCs, corporate, and groups of institutions in their projects, at various s levels.
Our Mission:
To provide one-stop comprehensive town planning and development consultancy services in a professional manner that ensures functionally efficient, cost-effective, time-saving, and quality outcome aspects including quality construction.
We are a professional town planning and development consultancy cum engineering contractor firm associated with the multi-disciplinary team having extensive experience over 25 years both in India and abroad.
We provide services to the entire development process on land and buildings, starting from reconnaissance survey of land parcels, site assessment, project feasibility, project formulation, programming, planning, conceptual, detailed design, and project completion, and beyond. We help ensure compliance of planning norms and architectural and engineering design standards through construction management requirements, to our clients to achieve their objectives in an efficient manner, responsive to market trends, and sensitive to the charging policy and social needs. QECC provides one-stop town planning, design and development, and Construction services.